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Mission and Values:

 At Ekberg & Associates, we believe that everyone should have access to a lawyer when they need one.  

We are guided by these two main values:

The Client always comes first - this does not mean that the client is always right, but it does mean the client's interests come first & all misunderstandings are resolved in favor of the Client;

Clients are People - They are not "Files" or "Cases", they are Human Beings with Feelings and should be treated as such.

Helping People:

 We're a law firm...  but our real business is helping people, no matter what the problem is.  As the oldest law firm in the Mount Washington Valley we are able to provide most legal work; either ourselves or by our referral network.


We are located in the Red Barn on Seavey Street in North Conway, behind the North Conway Post Office.  We have been here for over 40 years and while technology has changed from typewriters to computers, our values have not.  We believe the best way to represent clients is by building relationships

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